Aseel Hamem

أصيل هميم، صاحبة الصوت الأصيل.

ولدت في العراق لعائلة فنية عريقة، دخلت إلى عالم الغناء عام 2007، من أشهر اغانيها لعام 2019 "سر الحياة" التي تجاوزت 181مليون مشاهدة، اغنية "المفروض اعرفك"، ومقدمة مسلسل" هوى بغداد" و "هلي وناس وتعتبر
من الفنانات الاتي يراعين جودة الفن أكثر من كم الإنتاج.

Aseel Hameem
A celebrated singer from Iraq, she has mesmerised listeners with her heartfelt vocals and deep musical narratives since she embarked on her professional career at 22. Renowned for her meaningful partnerships and memorable melodies for Arabic television, Hameem's music resonates beyond boundaries, embodying the essence of Iraqi culture. Her famous track "Ser Alhayah" achieved a notable milestone with over 255 million views on YouTube, highlighting her broad appeal. With a solid global presence, including a successful solo tour in the United States and recognition on Spotify's Equal Arabia platform, Hameem's international success remains at the forefront of innovation. Her latest EP, Tekfa La Taz’al, exemplifies the dynamic range of Iraqi pop music, blending traditional influences with modern elements.